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Are you a corporate women who is running on autopilot, lost your motivation, just making it through your to-do list and feel like you’ve lost your passion?

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You are Confined only by the Walls you build Yourself

Hello, I am Joy!!


Joy Lowe is a life and wellness coach with an energetic, no-nonsense approach to healing, health, and happiness. She’s an ICF certified coach and a Canfit Pro Training accredited coach. This unique combination of skills and education allows her to fuse the mental and physical aspects of wellness for her clients.

Joy has a profound understanding of how and why people struggle to arrive at a place of fulfillment they can imagine so clearly for themselves. For Joy, chasing your dreams down and living your best life doesn’t mean changing who you are; it just requires a mindset shift that merges your future with the present. She helps clients ask questions like, “what would ‘future me’ do right now, in this exact situation?”