Recently my husband Mike, needed to move his project truck out of the storage space. We realized about 10ft into this adventure that he had blown a fuse and his power windows, signal lights and break lights were all off line. We should have had it towed or at the very least fixed it before we moved it. But, because we were on a self induced time crunch (we wanted to go have adventures on that Saturday) I followed him and protected him. I was quick on his tail, but tried not to get too close as I didn’t want to end up rear ending him if he had to break- I carefully gauged the distance between us, I didn’t want to leave space for anyone to come between us. As he merged I was careful to break the traffic behind him first so he could safely move over. At the risk of being melodramatic I kept repeating “I got you I got you I got you I got you I got you I got you I got you I got you I got you”

I became emotional in a truly female way I cried like a child. I linked it to metaphors about this being symbolic to how marriages function in certain times and how we move between being the one protected and the one protecting. I began writing in my head what you are reading now. I knew I was doing things behind the scenes that he may never know, moving in sync and protecting him in a way he could not even realize.

I remembered one other time where I was closely following another vehicle. In a land far far away before cell phones, My alternator was going in my car, I had my sister and my 18 month old daughter in the car and my systems were failing. It was dark and I was so afraid. My mom and dad were driving in front of me with a loaded trailer that contained all of my worldly possessions. I was leaving my husband and my life in Williams Lake. When the car died, Dad found a place to turn around and drove back on the divided highway. When he finally pulled beside me to give me a boost, what felt like hours later he walked over to the car and instructed me to keep my radio and lights off, and follow him closely for as long as I could. My daughter began to cry as she did every time I got stressed. He put his hand on my face as he always does to calm my nerves … he took a deep breath with me and let me know that he would watch for me, and that when I pulled over because the car died he would find a place to turn around and he would come back for me. HE WOULD ALWAYS COME BACK FOR ME. I said yes’sir and tearfully followed him closely. As the car began to hesitate I felt it loosing power and I watched his tail lights once again fade. I kept repeating He is coming back for me  He is coming back for me He is coming back for me He is coming back for me He is coming back for me.

And he did. Every. Time. In the 8 hours it took us to drive a 2 hour stretch of highway he came back for me time and time again.

As your coach, I’ve got you. I will watch for things behind you and will move to help you as you switch lanes, and I will always come back for you, week after week we will pick up and move you forward until the fuse is replaced, or the alternator is repaired.

I’ve got your back.

I invite you to invest in a complementary session to explore if coaching is right for you.

Supporting your greatness.  Creating lasting change through conversations, resulting in a Timeless Improvement.

My thoughts from here <3