I’m a Mary-Kay Kid, my moms slogan was “Fake it till you make it”.
She used this in response to feeling of inadequacy in every situation, so like a good mom I passed on the wisdom. She drove a Cadillac for awhile so I figured she got something right.
When my girls were afraid of a social situation I just told them to take a deep breath and “fake-it-till-you-make-it” when they were afraid to speak to a teacher, give a class presentation, ski down a hill, try out for cheer leading, soccer, badminton etc. My advice was if you have done all the preparation you can do -and you know your stuff, get out there and – Fake it till you make it.

As the kids grew older they would throw it back to me – I felt ill prepared to tackle a task – “fake-it-till-you-make-it- mom” (sometimes I don’t appreciate when my “wisdom” comes back to me in such ways).
So it happened the other night as we sat around the fire my eldest, asked so sadly “When do I get to stop faking it?” – “I feel like such a fake person, always faking it, when do I get to make it?”
She is one of my greatest teachers in this life and as I pondered, it became real to me that each time we “Fake it” we are choosing the behavior – there is nothing fake about that.
I think the idea started with good intentions – the more you “faked it” the more confidence would grow and soon you would feel like it. I feel like I developed a habit of “faking” rather than practicing courage, and for me the “fake it” principle is a courageous practice. I invite you to practice being brave in an authentic manner.
Further as I observe the above statement – we have all “made it” we are HERE! we have been “making it” this whole time.

Just my thoughts from here J