“I’m happy with myself where I am at, I have accepted who I am.

I call Bullshit.

Straight. Up. Bullshit.

Even competators who have just won trophies (who have the “perfect bodies” tonge in cheek)  say things like – I’m so happy with the way I came in, I cant wait to build more legs, have a balanced off season, cut in my back, enjoy a barbeque with the family and eat a steak etc etc. Even those girls that you are looking up to have an even have an EBI *Even Better IF* statement

Let us first and foremost set some framework for this conversation – I am not suggesting that we sit in our psyche and pick apart our character and perception of our person. I am not suggesting that we consider our careers and lament the awfulness of our chosen “grind” I am not suggesting that we take photos and circle the areas we would cut off, photo shop or maybe burn all together. I am suggesting that we take an HONEST look at the elements that make up our Wheelhouse and be truthful with ourselves.

We all have great lives – I am not suggesting that we sit in negativity.

Let us take a look at the EVEN BETTER IF!

This blog began as a conversation between friends, I simply stated “I weigh myself everyday” – I know I see your shocked faces, “That’s obsessive” you say, “why don’t you just monitor how you feel” OR maybe we have something in common and you do it too- I do it because I love food and I just buy bigger pants ;-). I love eating out and I don’t have a shut off for delicious. I need the check and balance. That tool for me is the scale.

YES there was a time I was obsessive about it and I would go to bed praying “just two pounds just two pounds just two pounds fingers crossed two more pounds” I would wake up in the morning and the scale would determine weather I was in a good mood or a bad mood… THAT was obsessive and I recognised it and my loving husband took the batteries out of the scale. For me now it is a check and balance system. I step on and have a conversation with myself. This morning it went something like this –

“Oh Joy Bells (my moms nickname for me), what a great weekend (lasted 5 days) the Heritage Festival was lovely, you got a bite of everything. Dinner at your friends house was delicious, the Pool day was so relaxing, the birthday cake, ham and scalloped potatoes …. THAT was a rare treat, and meeting friends at the local watering hole was a GREAT choice and I couldn’t exactly eat the French fries without the dill dip now could I? The night time bike rides, and workouts just because with friends- What a fun, love filled couple days it has been! We have had so many laughs and memories and So. Much. Love. I didn’t think of my nutritional choices at all. However, I need to focus in on my goals and maybe tighten things up. The number on the scale is reflecting some lackadaisical attitudes about noorishment. I LOVE the photos from this weekend, so many friends! and I have been focusing on my upper body development and I could finally see definition in my arms!!! – Keep up the great work! And guuuiiiirl you really rocked those short shorts!  The photos that are 25 years apart … well, you still got it!”

This is truly what goes on in my head. I begin with gratitude, I zone in on an EBI and I end with something that I am proud of that I have worked for, CELEBRATION

I do this in many aspects of my wheelhouse. Business, Family life, Romance, Friendships, Spirituality, Parenting, Fitness, Self-care etc. The formula works-  Gratitude + EBI + Celebration = Growth

I am a proponent of loving/ accepting yourself where you are at, and being content.  BUT to tell me that you are truly satisfied to stay where you are? c’mon- can we be honest?  … you CAN love yourself AND, you don’t have to stop growing, learning, changing. We can agree not to hate ourselves/bodies / habits/ etc. or pick ourselves apart but don’t agree to stay where you are without change and resigning to your current state, that is an excuse not to grow and is too much like a death for me accept as an excuse. We are here for the journey of it, for the experience of this earth.

Be encouraged, find the thing to be grateful for today, locate your EBI, make a plan to get it and celebrate what you have already accomplished. love yourself and KEEP GROWING.

Just my thoughts from here today as I focus on my EBI and head out for a run <3