Suicide …

I have hesitated sharing but ultimately if you are reading this, I closed my eyes and hit “Post” My view is controversial at best and based in my own experiences on both sides of the suicide spectrum. In 2002 I had a breakdown. I didn’t see it coming. In hindsight I can see it clearly  […]
The Moment of Impact

You have an intuition but, You don’t know. Until your world stops in a moment, you don’t know. Two years ago, the morning of February 4th we woke up to a world that felt like it had changed on its axis in a second. The events of the day before were like a nightmare that […]
Blue Monday Cure!

Happy blue Monday!! Now there is an oxymoron! Here we are a month into the new year and your life is in this perpetual sate destined to repeat the same patterns, Same $hit different day. This is the day that the holidays are truly at an end, the credit cards bills are rolling in and […]
Let your Yes be YES and your No be NO!

I am frustrated. I am frustrated by all the indirect communication going on and the interpretations of it. In a world that is quickly filling with the “spiritually intuitive, perceiving empathetic or knowing individuals” etc etc. I am increasingly frustrated with the lack of communication that is actually happening. Here is the situation- I am […]
Vacation ? I think not…

“Let’s GO CAMPING!!!”  said no mother who stopped to think about it EVER. Ok – maybe that’s just me. Let’s run this through the JOYFILTER (this is a thing) – copious amounts of work to load and unload the RV, cooking, cleaning, watching kids who have death wishes and adventurous spirits, cleaning, meal prep, fighting […]
My YES experiment

Recently I did a YES experiment.  (If you haven’t watched the movie, please allow a quick recap.) Jim Carrey, plays the role of a never up for a new thing guy.  He meets a girl who pushes his comfort zone; she challenges him to say yes to whatever opportunities pop up , and he ultimately […]