chocolate-eating-baby-goodThe cookies went around the circle.  It was 2 o’clock, and I was hitting what I call “the wall”.  I could sure use the sugar; my mood was dipping, my energy slipping … and they were these Digestive cookies with the chocolate on top.

I used to have them when I was a kid.  We would put as many as we could on a plate and microwave them for 10 seconds. the-jetsonsTaking them out during the “Jetsons”, we would make smooshy chocolate sandwiches and see if we could get the whole thing in our mouths at once WITHOUT breaking an edge – this was such a treat!  Until Granny got home from Woodward’s and told us not to spoil our appetites, that dinner was indeed going to be soon.  (Do appetite’s spoil? As a mom I know the answer: when you’re HUNGRY, feed yourself the nutrient dense food.  Have the “treats” in small amounts and NOT to stave off “Hunger”. The sassy part of me wishes I could have had the guts to ask her that questions, but the primary self- protective brain in me always closed my mouth in time (or it may have been full of cookies 😉 )

melty-chocolate-cookieRob (a fellow sweet lover) was bigheartedly offering a time machine to taste my childhood expericance.  But… I was full. I had actually just finished one of my Meals and other than WANTING the taste, I knew I didn’t NEED it for energy, mood or fuel. And if I did happen to NEED a source of energy, I had my bag of “snacks”, so there was not a “need” in front of me, more a “want”.  So, what did I truly WANT?

For me I wanted control – I used to control IF something went into my mouth,  now I controlled WHAT went in my mouth and WHEN. I want control over my physical person, and that is easier for me when I am leaner – my butt doesn’t unexpectedly clean the table behind me when I am leaner – I have an awareness of my space when I am leaner. I “weave” between tables at the restaurant vs being a ping pong ball bouncing between obstacles.

As I pondered this Sweet offer – my community must have realized I was “considering”, and they rallied behind me: they knew I had goals!!  “She CAN’T have that!“  I was sharply woken from consideration.  Rob said, “Yes, she can – she can just take it, it’s easy.  I can put it on the table if it helps.”

When we identify that we “Can’t” have something, God and all his angels align to make it happen; our friends remove obstacles for us so we can indeed have the things we think are unattainable. I have been on diets; I have had coaches that I have thrown under the bus so I didn’t have to identify what I wanted. I have said things like, “My coach won’t let me have that” or “I can’t have wine” or “I wish, that’s not on my plan.”  Every time I have put up an obstacle, people have responded, “He will never know” or “One won’t hurt. ” or “You need to find a different plan.” etc etc. When I own my choices and say, “I don’t want that – I want__________” or “No thank you.  I’ve got some goals I’m after.” ,all my people align with me to help me attain what I *WANT*.

If we think of this in broader terms – beyond food and physical – I Can’t – for example, take that course, do that race, go on that trip, quit my job…. Etc…  I don’t have time, or the money –  my tribe starts to strategize with me. They throw solutions at me from all over: well, what if they watched the kids on Mondays and Wednesdays? what if you return the jackets you just bought? Can you pick up more hours?  Can you get a second job? Do you have room on a VISA ???  Does Mike have to know? 😉

As we eliminate the BLOCKS, we come to the core of what you really really want … so let us just consider for just a moment – if I removed all the blocks- time, money, energy … what do you really want. Let’s practice together being purposeful in declaring what we want. Not one excuse, just purely stating what we want and standing in it.

So coming back to my time machine cookies, I smiled and said “No thank you” Rob smiled and moved on.

May Stage 138lbs

May Stage 138lbs

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